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Fila Skeletoes | Shoes For An Active Lifestyle

“Whoa! Those look kinda cool.” That’s what I thought the first time I saw a pair of these Fila Skeletoes. With the five toe (OK, it’s really just four toe, but more on that below) design and the skeletal look I figured Fila was making a fashion statement. But the new design is about more than just fashion.

Toe shoes are intended to provide a much more natural feel for your feet. The clunky, thick-heeled, arch supporting shoes we have been wearing all these years certainly do not feel natural. In fact, they may even not be particularly healthy. If you think about it, standard shoes in no way feel, look, nor act like our feet, which were designed particularly well for walking and running without any assistance.

The introduction of toe shoes is a nod to the natural state of our bare feet. Lighter, more flexible, and conforming to the foot’s natural shape, shoes such as the Fila Skeletoes allow your feet to move in the way they were intended. They also add a layer of protection, which our shoe-clad feet now need, against things that poke, burn, and rub our skin.

The Fila Skeletoes features:

  • Four toe pockets – only one for the smallest two toes for easier entry (“EZ-Slide”)
  • Three velcro straps for a snug yet comfortable fit
  • Somewhat stiff rubber sole that protects the bottoms of your feet
  • Breathable nylon upper for comfort without too much heat
  • Men’s sizes 7 to 13 with blue, black, or orange flair
  • Women’s sizes 5 to 12, coming in pink, purple and black
  • Boy’s version comes in black, blue or red: sizes 3 to 7
  • For the girl’s, skele-toes are available in pink or purple, sizes 1 through 7

Fila Skeletoes are branded “For Just About Everywhere” which according to their product description includes “gravel, water, mountains, grass, mud, trees, rock, pavement, and dirt”. I really dig that the shoes are designed for trees, but at my age I just hope they mean stepping over fallen trees and not jumping from tree to tree!

This new entry on the shoe scene will run you roughly $50 to $60, which is a great deal for toe shoes in general. With the kid’s version running about $10 less a pair, these everyday shoes would be a good buy for the entire family.

You will find that competitors tout their toe shoes as excellent for fitness activities. But the Fila Skeletoes are more than just fitness shoes that you throw on for a hike, jog, or morning yoga session. These toe shoes may very well be defined as lifestyle shoes, providing you comfort and protection throughout the day, and making your feet feel more natural – just as they were meant to be.

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